Death (small wheel version of Puma) | Dual motors | (Mountainboard ones) | Psycho II | 192kv 6374 / 70A | 19.2 ah / ~410Wh pack / 60A discharge (cont) by okami

Build by okami at 30/05/2017 - 630 views - Price: 512 € / $ 600

Category Part
Wheel Pulley Aluminium, 25mm size
Motor Pulley (no wedge)
Motor mount Motor plate bends (3mm not good for holding motor)
Wheels Mysc brand, sometimes hubs used for mobility scooters
Trucks (Mountainboard ones)
Deck Psycho II
Controller 120A (theoretical capable)
Motor (Satellite) 192kv 6374 / 70A
Balance charger 200-300W charging Power
Battery Indicator 6 segment, Percentage display
Batteries 19.2 ah / ~410Wh pack / 60A discharge (cont)
Other Street Line - X (came with wheels)
Performance stats
Wheels type All Terrain
Top speed26 kmh16 mph
Range25 km16 mi
Board weight10 kg22 lbs
Rider weight92 kg203 lbs