A case study of 3D printed gears | Dual motors | Trampa Holypro 17ply | Overion 6374-130Kv 3550W Sensored | 12S 12Ah (532Wh with 2 x 6s Graphene) by der6fingerjo

Build by der6fingerjo at 05/05/2018 - 703 views

Category Part
Wheel Pulley custom 3D printed inner gear
Enclosure custom 3D printed
Motor mount custom 3D printed gear drive
Wheels Trampa Superstar 8 inch
Deck Trampa Holypro 17ply
Controller modified Sparkle remote (telemetry + display)
Motor (Satellite) Overion 6374-130Kv 3550W Sensored
Balance charger iSDT SC-620
Batteries 12S 12Ah (532Wh with 2 x 6s Graphene)
Performance stats
Wheels type All Terrain
Top speed31 kmh19 mph
Range30 km19 mi
Board weight15 kg33 lbs
Rider weight100 kg220 lbs